Purchasing tons of rubber duckies at the last minute – harder than it sounds


After clearing it with my Mongol Rally 2011 teammates, I’ve decided to bring back THE RUBBER DUCKIES!

During the Mongol Rally, we had everybody who donated to our charities name and “adopt” a rubber ducky. Then we gave those duckies away to children on our route. (You can see a map of where all those rubber duckies ended up here.)

Once again, I’m going to be putting rubber duckies up for adoption for charitable donations!

But the first challenge is, just two days before I leave the USA for a month in Peru, I need to FIND a bunch of duckies. Turns out that is no easy task…

I now consider myself the world’s leading expert on purchasing rubber duckies in Ithaca, NY. In case you were wondering…
-Alphabet Soup on the Commons has giant sized duckies for $12.99 (I bought one for the roof of my mototaxi) and a handful of regular sized duckies for $3-$5 each.
-Target has regular size rubber duckies $2.99 each and a inflatable ducky bath floaty for $12.
-Wal-Mart has regular size rubber duckies for $1 each in a variety of colors — most of them have annoying decorations on them, but there were about a half dozen classic yellow duckies for sale too.
-Party City has tiny party favor sized duckies for 60 cents each, or 18 for $9.99 but for some reason they have really distracting nostrils painted on them.
-Family Dollar (which I ended up going with) has rubber ducky three packs – one full size ducky and two small duckies for just $1! Best deal for decent rubber duckies. These ones will be going to Peru with me.
-Places that do not have duckies for sale: Ollie’s, Bed Bath and Beyond, Dollar Tree, Big Lots.


MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! I have about 100 rubber duckies with me to give to the children of Peru, and they are all up for adoption. 🙂

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