Mototaxi Junket: Sketchy “Toll Booths”


A few times a day, I encounter these sketchy "toll booths" / roadside stops manned by "Seguridad" in dubious uniforms… At one of these there was a sign that said "detour" because the "main road" was closed (it was not), and I found these two goofy looking hooligans (below) trying to get money out of passersby. I have yet to pay a bribe at one of these stops. Usually I put on a big dumb smile, play the confused foreigner card, and give them a rubber ducky. If they have a problem with that, I just tell them "No fume espagnol" ("I don't smoke Spanish!!") and give a big thumbs up. Usually I'm on my way in a few minutes. #mototaxijunket #peru #seguridad

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