Mototaxi Junket: Genius Mechanic


This genius mechanic works out of a shack along a pothole-ridden road somewhere deep in the jungles of San Martin, Peru. He took my non-operational Mototaxi and fixed everything…new alternator, opened the engine and replaced all the seals, fixed the carburetor, fixed the wobbly front wheel, adjusted the drive chain tension, re-welded the about-to-fall-off exhaust pipe, tightened all the loose bolts and changed the oil. Three hours of work, in the rain, on the side of the road…total cost for everything, parts and labor – 100 Sol (about $40). Amazing. Now my Mototaxi drives the best that it has since I got it. Which isn't good (there is no "good" with mototaxis), but the engine sounds so much better, the handling is vastly improved…oh, and the damn thing actually starts now! Life is so much better when it doesn't take 10-20 minutes of swearing and furious kicking to get your engine running. #mototaxijunket

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