Mototaxi Junket: Day 4

Mototaxi Junket, Day 4: Drove 220km through the most beautiful stretch of “cloud forest” in the Amazon region of Peru, heading east toward Tarapoto and the ancient Inca ruins nearby. My mototaxi/ducky mobile is holding up nicely after getting the carburetor repaired. The starter still doesn’t work, my average speed is hovering around 25km/hour, the brakes barely function and sound like a dying whale (I hear a lot of that when I’m going downhill), but otherwise, she’s truckin’ along.

At this point, I’ve driven through 700km of deserts, mountains and jungles and given away a lot of rubber duckies. (It’s not too late to donate! Help me reach my $3000 goal by the end of the junket. Right now I’m at about $800. )

(Yes, this day 3 update is coming on day 5…I somehow thought I’d be able to upload a video, but decent wifi is hard to come by in Peru!) — in Naranjos Alto, Amazonas, Peru.

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